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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Online Branch Suggestor for Engineering Aspirants

Engineers from top engineering colleges including the BITS, Pilani , College of engineering, Pune (COEP) and Pune Institute of Computer Technology have designed an online branch suggestor for engineering students.

The application will be available on an educational portal namely - . Engineering branches including mechanical, computer, civil, electronics and telecommunication, instrumentation and so on often create confusion in the minds of students. Engineering aspirants can simply take the online personality test to understand which engineering branch is most suitable for them based on their skills and interests.

To increase the accuracy of the branch suggestor, more than 100 successful engineering students who are doing well in their career were surveyed and tested. Besides engineers from top colleges, the application has been made after extensive research by psychometricians with 35-odd years of experience.

The branch suggestor application prompts students to answer a set of questions based on real life situations to asses their personality and engineering inclinations. Students can see their progress after each set, and even save their progress at each set to come back and finish the test later.

The application also contains detailed information on what kind of work is expected out of an engineer in the professional world once they start their jobs. The test can be given online anytime at the student's comfort and the 60 questions take only about 8-10 minutes for completion. A Sahasrabudhe, director, COEP, launched the application on Sunday.


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